Sweet Bottom

Sweet Bottom is a full length feature film produced in Barbados W.I.

Directed by Gladstone Yearwood and Imagination Films, from The Errol Barrow Center for Creative Imagination at The University of the West Indies.

Roy Ashby, who immigrated to Brooklyn as a child returns to Barbados as a deportee. A chef by trade, Roy cannot get a job without a Police Certificate of Character. In Brooklyn, Roy’s mother changed her name and cut off contact with her family. When she died in an automobile accident, Roy grew up knowing nothing about his family. Roy is destitute and finds himself in a strange environment. He will do anything to get back to New York.

When Roy goes to the Community Resource Centre for resettlement assistance, he meets the manager, Angela Trotman – the Police Commissioner’s daughter. Roy develops a relationship with Angela, but cannot be truthful about his life. As the public becomes increasingly concerned with rising crime and lay blame on deportees, a local policeman, Inspector Rock, keeps a close eye on Roy.

Roy links up with Wally, an old friend who takes him in and agrees to help him get back to the U.S. Glamour Kid, a local Don will provide illegal travel documents for $10, 000. The men turn to illicit schemes to raise money when a jeweler is killed during a robbery. Angela learns about Roy’s past and ends the relationship; but soon realizes she’s in love and regrets her decision.



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